Thank you for partnering with us


Thank you for partnering with us


As we relish the last few days of 2017 with our Forever Families, we look back on the year with gratitude. Thank you for coming alongside our work to rescue children and create families.

This year we continued to provide the very best medical, emotional, educational, and nutritional care for each child at Acres of Love. We welcomed many new children to our Forever Families, most with moderate to severe special needs. We gave last hugs and said bittersweet goodbyes as some of our children were adopted into families around the globe. We celebrated developmental milestones, first steps, and school success for our children with special needs. We sat in meetings with teachers, tutors, and therapists to create plans for our children to thrive physically and in the classroom. We spent countless days at the pediatrician’s office, local medical clinics, and hospitals as we advocated for the very best care for each child.

We cheered our kids on as they participated in rugby, gymnastics, ballet, soccer, athletics, choir performances, musical endeavors, and artistic explorations. We packed school lunches and gathered around the table each night to share nutrient rich meals with our families as we listened and learned about our kids. We said goodnight prayers, tucked in babies, hugged away nightmares, and spent time on our knees praying for healing.

We empowered our teens as they graduated from secondary school, held first jobs, and went to matric dances. We watched our young adults graduate from social work courses, FET training, trade schools, cooking schools, beauty schools, and universities. We navigated the process of launching with a number of our young adults as they transitioned to self-sufficient adulthood. We helped them unpack their things into new apartments and rented rooms as we spoke words of affirmation and blessings as they embark on new adventures. We celebrated 18th and 21st birthdays for our young adults who have been with us since they were toddlers, and we celebrated all God has done in their lives. We’ve been blessed as our young adults have become mentors and important voices to our younger children.

All of these little things are part of what it means to be FAMILY. Thank you for partnering with us to make sure that every child at Acres of Love knows what it means to be known, safe, and loved. We’re grateful for your partnership and we look ahead to 2018 with excitement about things to come!