Who We Are

Acres of Love is a global movement of compassionate individuals, private and public foundations, churches, and corporations who have embraced an entrepreneurial approach to solving the orphan crisis in South Africa.

Our staff functions within Unique Ability Teams, and in these roles we are able to work toward the common goal of offering each child everything needed to thrive.


We have a dedicated team in Johannesburg that oversees the operational side of providing a family to each child in our care. This includes advocating for children’s rights at local and government levels, the maintenance of our 31 Forever Family homes, supporting our full-time House Parents and in-home assistants, supervising the medical and prescription needs of our children, and building relationships within the local school, church, medical, and business communities to meet the needs of our children with the highest level of care.

House Parents

Each Forever Family Home has a house parent or parents who have completed a strenuous and lengthy training process.  Viewing this role as their calling in life, these men and women are raising our children as their own.  Children often come into our Forever Homes with immediate medical or emotional needs that must be addressed.  Our House Parents are involved in the slow and steady work of helping children heal from horrific past trauma, the loss of parents, terrible abuse, and medical conditions that have gone untreated for far too long.  Each home has full-time House Parent Assistants as well, in order to offer another layer of support to our children and their House Parents.


Within each Forever Family Home, our school-aged children are placed in academic environments that will empower them to reach their full potential. Based on unique needs, members from one Forever Family might attend up to six different schools.  Many of our children have medical and special needs that require ongoing clinic, hospital, specialist, or private practice appointments throughout the larger region.  We also encourage and support extra-curricular sports, hobbies, and activities for our children to pursue their dreams and interests.  Tackling the scheduling and transport for children in 31 Forever Family Homes requires an entire transport team.  Using large family vans, our transport team works hard to provide for the logistical challenges to smoothly get our children from home to school, choir or rugby practice, clinic appointments, and home again.  Our transport drivers have become like uncles to our children and are often found helping out around the homes as well!  They provide one more layer of extended family relationships and consistency for our children.

Support Teams

Social workers, therapists, homework tutors, and dedicated volunteers work together to advocate for and offer our children an extended support system emotionally, academically, and relationally.  To provide our children with a typical home environment, we are strategic in making long-term relationships with the volunteers and support staff.  This ensures that there is not a revolving door of people coming through our children’s lives.  We value long-term relationships for our children as we seek to give them love, hope, and dignity.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  -Frederick Beuchner