Acres of Love Forever Families are heading back to school!


Acres of Love Forever Families are heading back to school!

January 10, 2014

January means a new school year in South Africa!  It’s an exciting time, as many of our children are starting new adventures in new schools.  Acres of Love provides it’s own crèche for our preschool aged children, and many of them “graduate” to primary schools this next week.  While our preschool teachers are sad to let them go, we are confident that our children have been well equipped to engage with new teachers and peers.

We seek to be especially aware of our children and their academic needs.  Even our youngest children have survived horrific loss or trauma, and we know that these events affect their whole person, including their learning needs.  Because of this, we work with after school tutors, therapists, and our local schools to ensure that our children are receiving everything they need to thrive in their classrooms.

For some of our children, this means seeking out alternative education or smaller class environments in order to meet their unique needs.  For some of our older children who have experienced large gaps in their education due to caring for younger siblings or ailing parents, this means individualized instruction and alternative education or trade schools.  For others, this means advocating for entrance into rigorous academic communities in order to empower them to reach their full potential. Every child is different, and our goal is to truly see the strengths and challenges of each child in order to provide an education that is particular to his or her unique needs.

We are excited about the new year of learning for each of our children!