Celebrating 18 Years of Rescuing Children and Creating Families!


Celebrating 18 Years of Rescuing Children and Creating Families!

August 4, 2016

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On August 4, 1998, we brought a car filled with these toddlers to our first Forever Home. We knew that there was an overwhelming need in South Africa for children who had been orphaned and our goal was to do everything for these children that we would do for our own. With a community of passionate volunteers, we slowly began to understand the complexities of addressing this enormous crisis. Since 1998, we have created a FAMILY model of care that allows us to recognize the unique past trauma, medical needs, and strengths of each child at Acres of Love. With an army of over 110 full-time staff members in South Africa, we have replicated this community-based, long-term, family solution 28 times throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town. Hundreds of lives have been saved and many have moved out of our care into legal, adoptive families in South Africa and around the world.

Along the way, we’ve had a front row seat to the amazing things God can do in the lives of our children. We have experienced incredible physical, emotional, and spiritual healing in our sons and daughters. We have watched incredible bonds grow between brothers and sisters- not related by blood, but knit together through love. We are watching our very first toddlers now excel in South African universities. We’ve championed for our children with special needs, and created an incredible place for them to launch slowly into adulthood. We’ve launched young adults who are working in local medical clinics training to be auxiliary social workers, serving other vulnerable children. We are incredibly grateful to see the love and compassion poured into our children creates a cycle of change as we watch our young adults become transformative role models in the community.

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None of this would have been possible without our donors who have become committed global extended family to our children and us. Thank you for partnering with us to change the world for each child in our care. We look ahead with excitement as we seek to rescue more children and create more families.