Advocacy Highlight: Mommies in America


Advocacy Highlight: Mommies in America

September 28, 2015

We’re grateful to have an amazing global extended family of people who advocate for our children. They are individuals who have seen the work of Acres of Love, and decided to invest in the work of caring for our children by leveraging their communities to partner with us. Their stories inspire us as and help us maintain our focus on the daily care of the children in each of our Forever Homes.

Kim Campbell (shown above, on far right) lives in Southern California with her husband and four children. A stay-at-home mom, Kim was introduced, through a friend, to the story of Nthando* and inspired to action. Nthando was a young girl who had just arrived at Acres of Love, needing a series of surgeries to address issues surrounding HPV acquired through abuse. Along with a few friends, Kim hosted a fundraiser at a local restaurant and raised the funds to completely cover the cost of Nthando’s much needed medical care. They also bought some clothes to send Nthando, along with a card signed, “love, your mommies in America.”

Shortly after the fundraiser, Kim visited Acres of Love for the first time, and, in her words, “was wrecked!” She met the Bridges Forever Family and their amazing House Mommy, Tumi. She was able to see that the children, once orphaned, now belonged in a loving, committed, family. She watched Mommy Tumi care for each of her children with the fierce love and passion they deserved.

Kim left South Africa compelled to continue investing in the work of the children. Kim committed to collect a group of friends to take over the monthly support for the Bridges Forever Family. She started taking groups of women to South Africa on vision trips- to understand the work of Acres of Love firsthand, and to meet the amazing children and the team that supports their family care. On one of these trips, Kim brought along a childhood friend, Melissa, who now lives in Utah. Melissa also fell in love with the children and vision of Acres of Love and shared her passion with her friends. They agreed to partner with Kim and host an annual benefit concert in Park City, Utah, to raise funds and awareness for the children at Acres of Love.

Through annual fundraisers and concerts, collecting a group of women to run 1,000 miles in a year, and hosting various events, these “Mommies in America” have been supporting our Bridges Forever Home for over 8 years. They committed to supporting this home on a monthly basis from afar, even as they were young moms working to provide for their own families and homes in the U.S. Some gave up shopping or coffee money, others asked friends to join in the cause. Kim has created a Legacy Family; a group of people who really want to learn about Acres of Love and the specific children they are supporting. Through monthly giving and even visiting South Africa to see Acres of Love firsthand, people are able to not just give of their resources, but also have a long-term relationship with the children.

This relationship hasn’t just changed the world for the ten children in the home- it’s changed the world for Kim, and each of the women invested in the Mommies in America donor group (some of whom are shown above, on a recent visit to South Africa). There are now hundreds of people involved in this Legacy Family. The Bridges Forever Home is not only well funded, but Mommy Tumi and her children know that they have committed extended family who love and care for them in very tangible ways. We are grateful for each of our advocacy groups, willing to focus on the task of financially supporting our families and enabling our South African team to concentrate on providing individualized daily care for each child in our homes.


* The names of our children have been changed to protect their privacy.