Another School Year Begins at Acres of Love


Another School Year Begins at Acres of Love


January means the start of a new school year in South Africa and we’re passionate about offering each child particularized care based on their unique needs. Because of that, our children attend over 40 different schools throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa so that each one can thrive. Over the last 20 years, we’ve grown to deeply understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to raising children well.

It is an incredible undertaking to prepare school supplies, backpacks, and uniforms for all our students. Each school requires a unique uniform, each classroom requires a unique kit of school supplies, and each child needs a sturdy backpack!

On the first morning of school, our House Moms made sure to send our children off with healthy breakfasts, hugs, and prayers of blessing.

While most of our students attend local public schools, some attend private schools based on their learning needs, and a few of our students attend Acres of Love Homeschool Academies.

Our Homeschool teachers were so excited to welcome their students back for a second year. Each Acres of Love academy allows our students a place to learn at their own pace, discover their strengths, and grow in the confidence of their potential.

We’re confident it will be a year of growth and learning for each of our students and we’re thankful for a passionate team who made sure each student was well-equipped for a new school year! Thank you for partnering with us to give our children the very best educational care.