Acres of Love

Welcoming Children to Our Care

  People often ask how children arrive to our care at Acres of Love. We are registered and licensed with the South African government to offer long-term care to children who have been orphaned and/or abandoned. Each child is unique, and so are their stories. Infant abandonment is a critical issue in South Africa today […]

Another School Year Begins at Acres of Love

  January means the start of a new school year in South Africa and we’re passionate about offering each child particularized care based on their unique needs. Because of that, our children attend over 40 different schools throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa so that each one can thrive. Over the last 20 years, […]

The Garret McGann Malibongwe Forever Home

With joyful hearts we share that our Garret McGann Malibongwe Forever Home is officially open in Cape Town! This newest Acres of Love Forever Home will allow us to rescue six more children who have been orphaned or abandoned in South Africa. They will be welcomed into a family home with loving house parents and the […]

Welcoming the Most Vulnerable Children

  Microcephaly. Cerebral Palsy. Epilepsy. People mistakenly assume that words like these define a person or their worth. But we know that each child is so much more than their diagnosis. Today we are thrilled to welcome a little girl to our family who will live with these words, but not be defined by them. […]

Our Sinethemba Forever Home is now open in Cape Town!

  A month ago we opened our newest Forever Home. Called Sinethemba (Zulu word meaning “we have hope”), this Forever Home will eventually welcome six children who have been orphaned and/or abandoned in Cape Town. Close to great schools, clinics, and therapies, this home sits on a quiet street that will allow our children space […]

Thank you for partnering with us

  As we relish the last few days of 2017 with our Forever Families, we look back on the year with gratitude. Thank you for coming alongside our work to rescue children and create families. This year we continued to provide the very best medical, emotional, educational, and nutritional care for each child at Acres […]

National Women’s Day

On August 9, 1956, women of all races in South Africa marched together, many with children on their backs, against unjust laws of oppression. Today’s National Holiday commemorates their strength, bravery, and courage and we celebrate the women here at Acres of Love who spend each day defending the rights of South Africa’s most vulnerable […]

Tutoring Program: Investing in Education and Relationships

As our children get older, we’re excited to explore opportunities for them to use their gifts to bless others. We started a new tutoring program this term with our upper secondary and university students. They travel to local Acres of Love Forever Family Homes to help our younger students with after-school homework, study prep, and […]

Breaking the Orphan Cycle

Sometimes we have weeks to prepare for a child. Other times, a judge requests immediate and emergency placement within a few hours. Either way, our entire team steps up to welcome each child to our care with love and attention to detail. Yesterday we received an emergency placement for an infant boy, Mangaliso (name changed […]

A Day in the Life at Acres of Love

When we talk with people, we find that they often assume Acres of Love is an orphanage. While we are a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and NPO in South Africa, “orphanage” is not a term that best describes our model of care.  While institutions offer survival, we seek to rescue children and create […]

Waiting to Welcome Philani Home

People often ask us about the process of receiving children to our care. Most of the time, government social workers contact us about specific children in need of placement. Some children are abandoned in fields, on street corners, or at shebeens in informal settlements. Others are left at police stations or hospitals. Because there are 3 […]

Caring for Children with HIV

  It takes a village to care for the children in our  Acres of Love Forever Homes. When we began our work in 1998, many children who came to our care were incredibly ill with AIDS. Without pediatric anti-retroviral therapies available, it was often a death sentence for our very sick children. A humble but brilliant […]

Launching into Roles of Service

As our children become teens and young adults, our focus turns to helping them launch into adulthood. We work to help them uncover their passions and strengths. We encourage their studies. We help them explore options that include universities, trade schools, or apprenticeships. It’s an incredible gift to watch them chart a course and then work […]

Sending our Students into a New School Year

Our students are all starting back to school this month! Our entire team has been busy collecting stationary kits and new school uniform pieces for growing kids. With children in 45 unique schools, this was an incredible feat as each school has it’s own uniform, and each classroom has a unique list of supplies. Our […]

Acres of Love at the Festival of Children!

Each year, Acres of Love is invited to participate in the Festival of Children at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California. The Festival of Children is celebrating National Child Awareness Month in September and this is close to our heart. Acres of Love is passionate about providing each child in our care with the very […]

Our Special Needs Advancement Center Opens in Cape Town

Adults with special needs are extremely stigmatized in South Africa and many are institutionalized or kept away from society.  It is our desire to think outside the box, and offer a better future for the older children in our care. Over the last 18 years, we have developed a reputation for being able to offer […]

Offering the Benchmark in Medical Care

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  -African Proverb After watching her mother die from AIDS, Gugu and her sister were in need of care. They were placed in foster care where Gugu’s medical needs were ignored. She was ridiculed, verbally abused, and missed large chunks of […]

Advocacy Highlight: Mommies in America

September 28, 2015 We’re grateful to have an amazing global extended family of people who advocate for our children. They are individuals who have seen the work of Acres of Love, and decided to invest in the work of caring for our children by leveraging their communities to partner with us. Their stories inspire us […]

South Africa and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

World FAS Day in South Africa continues to educate and encourage expectant mothers about the dangers of consuming alcohol while pregnant. As we continue our work both in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we are inundated by the daily reality of living with FAS. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or FAS, affects many of our children due to […]

A Day in the Life: Living with HIV

December 8, 2014 On a recent school holiday, a few Acres of Love House Parents and a large number of our teens arrive, early in the morning, at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre for their quarterly appointments.  Set in a suburb of Johannesburg, it’s impossible to see just how big the unassuming clinic is from […]

Sikelela Forever Home Now Open in Cape Town!

September 30, 2014 Our newest Forever Home is now open in Cape Town! The Sikelela (which means Blessing in Xhosa) Forever Home joins our Unathi and Evangel Forever Homes, serving the children of the Cape Town region of South Africa. Often touted as one of the most beautiful places in the world, Cape Town is […]

Social Work Team Highlight

July 21, 2014 When we talk about creating families for children and raising the bar in orphan care, we are referring to the strategic ways we are able to wrap around each Acres of Love Forever Family in order to encourage each child to thrive. It’s hard to understand the complexities of caring for children […]

KIIS Community Council

May 26, 2014 Acres of Love was asked to be a part of Clear Channel’s KIIS FM Community Council and two of our team members were interviewed for local radio stations about our work and children.  We are always excited to share our story with others… click here to listen to the interview!    

Garden Team Highlight: Joey

May 3, 2014 When people first hear about Acres of Love, many envision a stale, institutionalized environment, where children are struggling to survive.  We try to help people get a vision for what our children truly experience- a family, a home, and hope.  At Acres of Love, we strive to give each child everything we […]

A Note About Why We Don’t Show Faces

April 11, 2014 We’re not sure if you’ve noticed, but you see a lot of shoes on our social media posts. Our website is filled with side profiles and “behind the head” shots. Sometimes we’ll blur out the faces, show you some knees, or have a lot of distance between the camera and the children. […]

Extended Family Highlight: Kathy and Lulu

March 26, 2014 At Acres of Love, everything we do is centered around the idea of family. We believe that children belong in families, not institutions. So when we partner with volunteers, our desire is that they will be a long-term presence in our children’s lives. This allows extra layers of support for our children, […]

Welcoming Vulnerable Children

March 4, 2014 Many places of safety (the first stop in South Africa’s orphan care system) are struggling to provide the necessities for children in their care. Things like food and clean drinking water aren’t easy to provide, but services such as therapy or proper wheelchairs to offer postural support for children living with things […]

Transport Team Highlight: Peter

February 10, 2014 If you’re driving with Peter, you’ll first notice his sweet and gentle spirit. He’s soft-spoken, quick to smile, and always ready to help. He’s part of our Acres of Love Transport Team, and one of his daily tasks is to drive children to and from school. Some jump into his van with […]

Fourth Annual Walk for the Children

January 28, 2014 We are so grateful for the extended family that has come alongside our children. The Safari Sisters (shown above at last year’s Walk for the Children) are involved with our Safari Sister and Siyabonga Forever Homes, and are “aunties” to the children in these homes.  They are committed to visiting the children […]

Join us for coffee!

Join one of our quarterly “Connect with Acres” gatherings at our Acres of Love office in San Juan Capistrano.  We welcome anyone who would like to learn more about Acres of Love in a casual and intimate setting.  We’ll tailor the presentation of each morning to the people in attendance, and hope to engage our friends, […]

HIV is not a Death Sentence: Our Every Day Hero, Dr. Levin

January 13, 2014 Dr. Leon Levin has been a true hero to our children at Acres of Love.  He has been providing care and consultation for our children who are HIV positive.  In addition, he has encouraged our children over the years, and our teens just a few weeks ago, to remember that HIV is no longer […]

Acres of Love Forever Families are heading back to school!

January 10, 2014 January means a new school year in South Africa!  It’s an exciting time, as many of our children are starting new adventures in new schools.  Acres of Love provides it’s own crèche for our preschool aged children, and many of them “graduate” to primary schools this next week.  While our preschool teachers are sad to […]

Meet Our Children

The following are stories of real children saved from real situation by our forever homes and house parents. Continue to check in as we publish more real stories and watch as these children thrive in the world you have helped us create for them.