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Welcoming the Most Vulnerable Children

  Microcephaly. Cerebral Palsy. Epilepsy. People mistakenly assume that words like these define a person or their worth. But we know that each child is so much more than their diagnosis. Today we are thrilled to welcome a little girl to our family who will live with these words, but not be defined by them. […]

Caring for Children with HIV

  It takes a village to care for the children in our  Acres of Love Forever Homes. When we began our work in 1998, many children who came to our care were incredibly ill with AIDS. Without pediatric anti-retroviral therapies available, it was often a death sentence for our very sick children. A humble but brilliant […]

Offering the Benchmark in Medical Care

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  -African Proverb After watching her mother die from AIDS, Gugu and her sister were in need of care. They were placed in foster care where Gugu’s medical needs were ignored. She was ridiculed, verbally abused, and missed large chunks of […]

A Day in the Life: Living with HIV

December 8, 2014 On a recent school holiday, a few Acres of Love House Parents and a large number of our teens arrive, early in the morning, at Witkoppen Health and Welfare Centre for their quarterly appointments.  Set in a suburb of Johannesburg, it’s impossible to see just how big the unassuming clinic is from […]

Welcoming Vulnerable Children

March 4, 2014 Many places of safety (the first stop in South Africa’s orphan care system) are struggling to provide the necessities for children in their care. Things like food and clean drinking water aren’t easy to provide, but services such as therapy or proper wheelchairs to offer postural support for children living with things […]

HIV is not a Death Sentence: Our Every Day Hero, Dr. Levin

January 13, 2014 Dr. Leon Levin has been a true hero to our children at Acres of Love.  He has been providing care and consultation for our children who are HIV positive.  In addition, he has encouraged our children over the years, and our teens just a few weeks ago, to remember that HIV is no longer […]