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Another School Year Begins at Acres of Love

January 16, 2019 January means the start of a new school year in South Africa and we’re passionate about offering each child particularized care based on their unique needs. Because of that, our children attend over 40 different schools throughout Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa so that each one can thrive. Over the last […]

A Day in the Life at Acres of Love

April 24, 2017 When we talk with people, we find that they often assume Acres of Love is an orphanage. While we are a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and NPO in South Africa, “orphanage” is not a term that best describes our model of care.  While institutions offer survival, we seek to rescue […]

Caring for Children with HIV

March 24, 2017 It takes a village to care for the children in our 29 Acres of Love Forever Homes. When we began our work in 1998, many children who came to our care were incredibly ill with AIDS. Without pediatric anti-retroviral therapies available, it was often a death sentence for our very sick children. A […]

Launching into Roles of Service

January 30, 2017 As our children become teens and young adults, our focus turns to helping them launch into adulthood. We work to help them uncover their passions and strengths. We encourage their studies. We help them explore options that include universities, trade schools, or apprenticeships. It’s an incredible gift to watch them chart a course […]

Sending our Students into a New School Year

January 12, 2017 Our students are all starting back to school this month! Our entire team has been busy collecting stationary kits and new school uniform pieces for growing kids. With children in 45 unique schools, this was an incredible feat as each school has it’s own uniform, and each classroom has a unique list […]

Offering the Benchmark in Medical Care

October 12, 2015 If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.  -African Proverb After watching her mother die from AIDS, Gugu and her sister were in need of care. They were placed in foster care where Gugu’s medical needs were ignored. She was ridiculed, verbally abused, and missed […]

Advocacy Highlight: Mommies in America

September 28, 2015 We’re grateful to have an amazing global extended family of people who advocate for our children. They are individuals who have seen the work of Acres of Love, and decided to invest in the work of caring for our children by leveraging their communities to partner with us. Their stories inspire us […]

Social Work Team Highlight

July 21, 2014 When we talk about creating families for children and raising the bar in orphan care, we are referring to the strategic ways we are able to wrap around each Acres of Love Forever Family in order to encourage each child to thrive. It’s hard to understand the complexities of caring for children […]

Garden Team Highlight: Joey

May 3, 2014 When people first hear about Acres of Love, many envision a stale, institutionalized environment, where children are struggling to survive.  We try to help people get a vision for what our children truly experience- a family, a home, and hope.  At Acres of Love, we strive to give each child everything we […]

Transport Team Highlight: Peter

February 10, 2014 If you’re driving with Peter, you’ll first notice his sweet and gentle spirit. He’s soft-spoken, quick to smile, and always ready to help. He’s part of our Acres of Love Transport Team, and one of his daily tasks is to drive children to and from school. Some jump into his van with […]