HIV is not a Death Sentence: Our Every Day Hero, Dr. Levin


HIV is not a Death Sentence: Our Every Day Hero, Dr. Levin

January 13, 2014

Dr. Leon Levin has been a true hero to our children at Acres of Love.  He has been providing care and consultation for our children who are HIV positive.  In addition, he has encouraged our children over the years, and our teens just a few weeks ago, to remember that HIV is no longer a death sentence.

When we first began a relationship with Dr. Levin, we were providing a family and medical treatment to infants who had come to us with bodies ravaged by AIDS.  We were devastated when a baby would arrive so ill that we were not able to save them.  Dr. Levin has been a champion of our children, and has walked alongside us as we have seen the amazing transformations that take place when children have access to proper Anti-retroviral (ARV) therapies.  We have come so far with our children.  Ten years ago, ARV’s meant a time-consuming cocktail of a dozen or more pills for a child every morning and evening.  Clipboards and complicated charts were common in our homes, as House Parents sought to be organizations and proactive in the treatment of HIV.  Flash-forward to today, and many of our children are taking only one single pill a day to keep the HIV at minimal levels.  This is an incredible development in quality of life and allowing our to be involved in school, sports, hobbies, and the occasional sleepover.

Our children living with HIV positive are healthy and thriving.  Their viral loads are at healthy levels and their futures are bright.  Because of passionate people like Dr. Levin, our children are able to live healthy lives and be normal children.