Launching into Roles of Service


Launching into Roles of Service

January 30, 2017

As our children become teens and young adults, our focus turns to helping them launch into adulthood. We work to help them uncover their passions and strengths. We encourage their studies. We help them explore options that include universities, trade schools, or apprenticeships. It’s an incredible gift to watch them chart a course and then work toward their goals.

One of our young adults has completed her coursework to become an auxiliary social worker and we are thrilled to see her become an agent for positive change. This week she begins a new and exciting chapter as she starts a new role giving back to the children of Acres of Love! She is our newest team member, moving from Johannesburg to Cape Town to become an Acres of Love auxiliary social worker. What an amazing cycle – from receiving particularized love and care, to empowered and excited to give that same level of care to the next generation of children in our Forever Homes.

In addition to working for Acres of Love, she will also spend time volunteering at another organization in the region that cares for babies who have been abandoned. We know that her unique story and experiences equip her in a powerful way to be an incredible social worker and advocate for the children in Cape Town.