Welcoming the Most Vulnerable Children


Welcoming the Most Vulnerable Children


Microcephaly. Cerebral Palsy. Epilepsy. People mistakenly assume that words like these define a person or their worth.

But we know that each child is so much more than their diagnosis. Today we are thrilled to welcome a little girl to our family who will live with these words, but not be defined by them.

We’re passionate about helping her know that she is SO MUCH MORE. She is already loved. She is a treasured member of our family. And she will always be worth fighting for.

As our team quickly assesses her needs and consults with her medical team, she is settling into life with new sisters and a loving House Mommy who is well skilled in caring for children with intense medical needs. She will soon begin therapies to help with her needs so that she can thrive in our care.

Welcome home little one! We’re so glad you’re here.