Operations Team Highlight: Ines, Medical Coordination


Operations Team Highlight: Ines, Medical Coordination

June 2, 2014

We often refer to the extra layers of support that surround each Forever Family at Acres of Love. Each Forever Home is family for 6-8 children and in a family this large things like school schedules, school transport, medical appointments, daily meds, special diets, sleepovers, choir practices, rugby matches, homework checked, and therapies are all a part of our busy, daily life. In order for each Forever Home to run smoothly, we’ve added important layers to wrap around each home and House Parent. Those layers include our Operations Team, comprised of individuals focused on making the lives of each Forever Family run as smoothly as possible.

Inny4One of the heroes of our Operations Team is Ines, or “Inny,” as she’s known within our Acres of Love family. She visited our first Forever Home in 1998 and was immediate smitten with the young toddlers playing in the garden. She went straight home and asked her husband, Rolf, “to look after me, because I had found my calling…to be a volunteer at Acres!” Inny began volunteering multiple days a week, dropping her children off at school and coming straight over for the day. She began to take the children to clinics and the large public hospitals, and then attending every workshop possible to learn about the virus. She was instrumental in forming relationships with private practitioners who specialize in HIV/AIDS, who have been incredibly generous to see our children and advocate for their health.

Eventually, Inny became our Medical Coordinator. Working at our Provision House, she ensures that every child in our care is on track with his or her medicines. Studying under Pediatric HIV Specialist, Dr. Leon Levin, she is incredibly well versed in the intricacies of HIV/AIDS in children. She expertly educates our entire team and checks in with each House Parent after each child’s routine visits to the local HIV clinic to update their individual charts. While her personality is warm, fun, and engaging, she can also walk into any of our Forever Homes and know exactly how many tablets each child should have left in their prescriptions. This passion and attention to detail combined with her knowledge about Pediatric HIV has made Inny an incredible asset to our team. She is passionate, fun, witty, and an advocate for our children.

Ines and BlessingsOver the last fifteen years she has become extended family to our children, watching many arrive incredibly ill with HIV/AIDS and then actively participating in the transformation that comes from proper Anti-retroviral (ARV) treatments. From sleepovers to family vacations, Inny has become an integral part of our extended family here at Acres of Love. Our children, House Parents, and staff are blessed by Inny and her incredible passion to see our children thrive. Her daily work provides an extra layer of support for each of our House Parents, as they work to care for the ongoing, daily needs of each child.