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So What Can Acres of Love Do?

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While our ultimate desire is to see our children adopted into legal families, we know that most children who come through our doors will be with us long-term due to HIV status, age, or special needs. We are committed to becoming a de-facto family for these children until they become self-sufficient adults. While we are a strong supporter and encourager of adoption into permanent, legal families, annual adoptions in South Africa are less than one percent of the number of children who’ve been orphaned. Therefore, our desire is to offer the highest quality of care to the children who will never be adopted.

More than 500 infants and children have spent time at Acres of Love since we began in 1998. Many have been adopted, many have been placed in long-term foster homes, and some have been reunited with their families. Sadly, we have lost a small number of our children to AIDS. A significant number of our children are HIV-positive and, therefore, unlikely to be adopted. These children require long-term care and are expected to remain in our homes throughout their childhood and teenage years.

With more and more medical advances being made in the treatment of HIV, Acres of Love firmly believes that the future is bright and full of promise for the HIV-positive children in our care. We expect many to continue their education and flourish in adulthood endeavors, perhaps even becoming leaders who can make a meaningful difference for the people of South Africa. To provide each child with the level of care he or she needs, Acres of Love works with top medical professionals, committed partners, and compassionate volunteers to provide the highest level of individualized care. We have a remarkable team of dedicated individuals committed to our core values, mission, and management of our global de facto forever family and Forever Family Home model program.

We believe children do not belong in institutions, so our mandate is to Rescue Children and Create Forever Families.

Acres of Love enables and empowers our children to thrive.  Thrive is a bold statement that describes our mission because our children’s needs are met in a non-institutional, family setting.  We strive to restore some of what has been lost, providing as many years as possible with love, nurturing, and happiness.  The value of life is not measured by length, but by quality.  No matter the severity of their illness of trauma, we treat all children as our own and seek to fill their lives with consistent love and care.

We add value when focused on progress and measurable positive outcomes at the individual level. Living this mission out on a daily basis, our approach is summarized by three core principles that we adhere to: urgencyaction, and execution.

Urgency requires focus on our unwavering mission to solve the problems of the children in our care and the successful, sustainable replication of this model in each of our Forever Family Homes.

Action requires compassion and collaboration.  The abandonment of a child is a global problem; the solution requires the cooperation of multiple local caregivers and donors, both local and global. As a team, we are organized by our unique abilities, in order to better serve each child in our Forever Family Homes.

Execution involves mercy as we show great attention to detail in the care of each child.  Fighting for the international human rights of a child is a matter of justice.  Effective, transparent, and sustainable execution is justice in action.

Our desire is to offer the highest quality of care to the children who will never be adopted.

Our task, to effectively rescue and nurture children who have been abandoned or orphaned, remains urgent and critical.  

The value of a safe, secure, and reliable family structure drives our work each day, to ensure that the children in our care are protected, nurtured, and encouraged to thrive.  Since 1998, we have used the principles of innovation, effective execution, and transparency to deliver quality care and services that meet the needs of the children entrusted to us.  Our initiatives and services improve the health and wellness of our beneficiaries, protect their lives, and enhance their quality of life.  Our talented and dedicated employees engage in continuous innovation in order to bring about positive social change in our social services sector.  This is the driving force behind our financial strength, growth, and future sustainability.

As of August 2013, Acres of Love has expanded to the Cape Town Region of South Africa, to meet the needs of children in an area with great need.  As a registered Child and Youth Care Centre, we seek to lead the charge in providing children with everything they to thrive in a family setting.


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