Acres of Love and Adoption

Each Acres of Love Forever Home is a registered Child and Youth Centre of South Africa focused on the daily care of children who have been orphaned and abandoned. We cover 100% of all expenses required to care for a child but do not receive any funding for adoptions. When a child has the potential for adoption, Acres of Love takes care of the cost of any extra medical appointments and assessments, occupational therapies and reports, educational assessments, direct care reports, and anything else needed to ready a child to work with a placing social worker and agency.

Adoptions in South Africa are facilitated by government accredited adoption agencies. Acres of Love is the independent third party who welcomes and cares for abandoned children and refers them, when possible, to placing agencies for adoption. We do not participate in matching children with families or choosing adoptive families. Our work is focused on providing children with loving, consistent, family care for as long as they remain in our homes.

If you have further questions, or would like information about the adoption agencies we work with in South Africa, please email us at