House Parents

The House Parents of each Forever Home are the true heroes of our work.  Involved in the constant, daily care and healing of our children, they are the voices of hope, love, and dignity.

Each Forever Family Home has a full-time house parent or parents who have completed a strenuous and lengthy training process. Children can often come into our Forever Homes with immediate medical or emotional needs that must be addressed.  Our House Parents are involved in the slow and steady work of helping children heal from horrific past trauma, the loss of parents, terrible abuse, and medical conditions that have gone untreated for far too long.  Each home has full-time House Parent Assistants as well, in order to offer another layer of support to our children and their House Parents. This allows for accountability and transparency as well. Forever Families caring for children with intense special or medical needs receive additional layers of support to ensure optimal family health and wellbeing.

A growing number of children are designated to Acres of Love due to our unique ability to receive children with complex special needs and provide them with the highest possible care. At this time over 40% of our children have moderate to severe special needs.  We seek to feed their bellies and their souls, clothe them with dignity and respect, and offer them a place to belong.  To provide each child with the level of care he or she needs, Acres of Love works with top medical professionals, committed partners, and compassionate volunteers to provide the highest level of individualized care.  Our team is collaborative and unified in our approach to give each child amazing care.

“I have come to realize more and more that the greatest disease and the greatest suffering is to be unwanted, unloved, uncared for, to be shunned by everybody.” -Mother Teresa