Extended Family

As we seek to offer our children a stable and consistent family environment, we know the importance of a larger support system. Since 1998, our Acres of Love extended family has grown organically.  Our Forever Family Homes are not institutions or group homes, and the people who come through our Forever Family Homes as volunteers are not just passing through.  They become like aunts, uncles, and grandparents to our children.  The importance of a sustainable family support system drives our passionate volunteers to commit to our children for the duration of their childhood.  In addition to our local volunteers, we have also been blessed and humbled by the relational impact our global donors have made and continue to make on our children.

Each Forever Family home is supported by full-time house parents, support staff, carefully screened and committed volunteers, a local church community, and, at times, a global donor family.  When our donors visit our Forever Family Homes, relationships are forged and lives are impacted as they experience the love and transformations taking place.  These relationships have become one of the unique strengths of our Forever Family approach.  Through ongoing communication, frequent visits, and constant support, our children have gained aunts, uncles, and grandparents from around the globe.  This commitment to our children has fostered a sense of community and love for our children, along with a larger support system, that is incredibly special to watch.

Currently, we have multiple de facto extended families, including the Rivers Foundation, that exist in Johannesburg.  We have extended family groups in the US that include the Families in America, Safari Sisters, Santa Barbara & Friends, Mountains of Love, Malibongwe Group, Ingane Friends, and San Juan Capistrano Friends.  We also have extended family in Evangel Church, Singapore, as well as an extended family group in Australia.  As children grow up in our Acres of Love family, they experience the love, security, and confidence that comes from the extended family support system through our donor families.