Welcoming Vulnerable Children


Welcoming Vulnerable Children

March 4, 2014

Most Vulnerable-1Many places of safety (the first stop in South Africa’s orphan care system) are struggling to provide the necessities for children in their care. Things like food and clean drinking water aren’t easy to provide, but services such as therapy or proper wheelchairs to offer postural support for children living with things like cerebral palsy are practically non-existent. When we receive a call from a local place of safety, aware that the needs of a child aren’t being met, our hearts beat faster. Knowing that we are uniquely qualified to make a difference in the lives of children with exceptional needs pushes us to open more homes and offer more beds, to serve the most vulnerable children- those have been orphaned with emergency medical and special needs.

We are honored to serve these children with love and provide them with hope, dignity, and a family to call their own. These children don’t stand a chance, unless we provide one for them. In the last two months we have welcomed multiple children to our Acres of Love family. A little boy with severe cerebral palsy has joined our Bayside Forever Home, awaiting a specialized wheelchair that will provide postural support for him to sit up and be able to interact with the world around him. Living in a place of safety, he was referred to us because the orphanage knew that he needed extra layers of support to truly thrive.

A little girl has joined our Nkosi family, after spending 9 months waiting in a place of safety while we fought for her entrance within a broken system. She has unspecified special needs, and we are busy determining her strengths and needs in order to create a therapeutic plan that will allow her to reach important developmental milestones and bond with her caregivers.

As we welcome these little ones, we continue to advocate for other children- stuck in a system that isn’t working for them, but that keeps them in limbo without the necessary resources to empower them to reach their full potential. This is what keeps us up at night. This is what pushes each of our team members to work within the system to make a difference for children who are the most vulnerable.

Every child is worth fighting for. Every child deserves a family. Thank you for joining with us as we seek to treat each child with particularized care based on his or her specific needs. Thank you for helping us expand our mission to care for the most vulnerable children of South Africa.